Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies, Inc.

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Our Veteran's did so much for us, and now it is time for us to do something for them! 

Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies has a 10 week program completely free to our Veteran's! This is a great time for them to work with Equines, establish a positive relationship, and learn new things! 

If you or you know someone who may be interested in this program, contact us Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies at 814-387-3571. 


June 22 

June 29 

July 6 

July 13 

August 3 

August 17 

Sept.  7 

Sept. 14 

Oct. 12 

Oct. 19 

In the 2018 season, Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies lost 65 hours of riding time due to weather.  After surveying families and riders, it was found that many struggled with that inconsistency.  Many families experienced behaviors at home, poor goal response, etc.  BMFNT has set out to build a place where riders can be sheltered from the weather yet still experience their positive interactions.  If you're interested in learning more about the campaign, you can check out our GoFundMe or also check out our segment on WJAC.