BMFNT is able to allow individuals to come into a place where plant-related activities are utilized to promote health and wellness.

Therapeutic Horticulture research has recognized the positive benefits of the interaction between people and plants and gardens to improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

4H Animal Science Club

Riding Lessons are offered to individuals not diagnosed with a disability.  This is an opportunity for all those, young and old to learn horsemanship skills or better riding skills already learned.  Lessons are offered at various times.  We ask that you please look at the schedule and availability.    

Cost: $30/hour or $20/half hour 

Community Programs

Our programming continues to grow.  If you or you know someone interested in joining any of our programming please feel free to contact us with questions or download the application for each program.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Children and adults living with a physical, cognitive, or emotional disability are able to apply.  Some contraindications do occur, but we meet with individuals on a one on one basis to discuss appropriate programming options.  

Participants engaging in Therapeutic riding are able to be a part of a team alongside volunteers, a horse, and our instructor. 

Cost: $25/hour or $15/ half hour 

Therapeutic Horticulture 

BMFNT is a unique opportunity for other community programs to experience a small taste of agriculture.  Schools, day camps, church youth groups, etc can all enjoy a few hours of fun and learning all while having that positive interaction with our animals.

Cost: $1 per child in group to help offset materials used

Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies, Inc.


 Riding Lessons 

Therapeutic Riding

When I first brought my daughter to BMFNT she did not have a lot of confidence in herself. After a few weeks of working with Zena, Karen & Amanda, I have watched her turn into a confident young lady willing to go outside her comfort zone and begin to try lots of new activities! Thank you so much!!!"

-Mother of daughter who attends 4H program

BMFNT and the Penn State Extension office are partnering together to bring local youth an agricultural experience on a monthly basis.

Youth meet the Third Sunday of the month at 1:00pm.

4H is a great opportunity for youth to learn about leadership, citizenship, life skills, and how to be great role model while gaining insightful information about animals, plants, and other agricultural aspects.

*BMFNT offers a leasing option for youth who are interested in the club, but may not have a project animal.

***Cost of lease: $10/month plus one day per week of care taking for animal child leases. 
Cost: $20 payable to Penn State Extension for Yearly Registration

OUR NEXT MEETING IS Jan. 20 @1:00pm