A 6 year old Mini Pony, Blackberry is often referred to as our wild thing. Her little legs can carry her throughout the field, however she knows when to work. She enjoys loving on all the kids. 

Everybody deserves the chance to become the best version of themselves. 

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers, horses, and community members to run a program such as this. Please take a minute to meet our wonderful team of Horses that care so much for our participants and 4H youth that come through the barn on a weekly basis. 

"Our son, enjoys coming to Big Maple Farm to ride his therapy horse, Zip - He is building strength and getting a great therapy session in and he doesn't even realize how hard he is working because he is having so much fun! We are so thankful we found this amazing resource for our stroke survivor so close to home!"

-Mother and Father of 3 yr old with Cerebral Palsy 

About Us


A 28 year old pony who loves riding little ones around.  She loves being brushed and getting lots of love from all these kids. 


A 24 year old Quarter horse, Zip has become the most recent addition to the farm! She loves kids and is fitting in with the routine.  Zip is very laid back and will go with the flow. 

Every individual is able to meet with our team personally to assess the perfect programming for them. Currently BMFNT is offering the following programs: 

Therapeutic riding

Regular Riding lessons 

Small Animal Assisted Therapy

Hooves for Heroes

4H Programming (Meets 3rd Sunday of Every month) - Ages 5-18. 

Community Programs


BMFNT runs with the philosophy to keep costs low for all our participants. Our focus is their needs along with the animals. All money from sessions, fundraised, and from grants goes right back into the care of our team, administrative costs, and ensuring that special equipment is purchased for our participants. 
An All Volunteer Organization
Our Story


A 20 yr old Tennesee Walking horse cross.  He is very fun and full of love.  He enjoys pleasing his rider and is very loving and gentle. 

Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies, Inc resides on a century family farm. Four generations have owned Big Maple Family Farm. Our founder, Amanda Balon, had a desire to help others, a passion for animals, and an idea allowing Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies, Inc. to come to life.

Our Team 


A 15 year old Quarter/Draft Breed Cross, Shawna was the first Horse to step foot on the Farm as she was rescued from a neglectful situation. BMFNT started with Shawna. She has a wonderful personality and encourages laughs daily. 

Our mission is to provide individuals and the community an opportunity to enhance their independence and quality of life through positive animal interactions and therapeutic horticulture. 
Our Programming
​An 14 year old Quarter Horse who loves to work with the kids in session. Tagen is very fond of the little ones as she loves to move at a slow pace.

Big Maple Farm's Natural Therapies, Inc.

​A 21 year old Arabian Horse who has been in a few other places and has lots of training. Zena is very lovable and encourages the riders to push themselves. 


A 26 year old pony who is so full of life.  She enjoys being around the kids, but dislikes being away from her best friend Beauty. 

George is a 3 year old who has been riding for one full season with BMFNT.  As an infant, George had a rough start and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as well as being a stroke survivor.  When he first began riding, George would need full support from volunteers to support his upper body strength as well as at his legs.  By the end of the 2017 season, George was sitting up on his own and his support from the volunteers was decreased. George is making gains also in his daily living by beginning to walk independently, and gaining muscle strength to complete activities that were normally difficult.  The special bond that George has with his horse Zip has helped him become stronger and more independent.